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                                                                                                                                                        SHEEP SKINS, LEATHER

Such as: Chestnuts , Hazelnuts,

 Chasieus, peanuts, chickpeas,

  Chestnuts , Hazelnuts, Chasieus,

peanuts, chickpeas,











1) TEXTILES. Everything on textiles, such as, Lingerie’s, towels,

 (For homes, hotels,). Bed sheets,(for homes,hotels,boats,)

Dove covers, Bathrobes, Polo shirts, Blue jeans, T-shirts,

Socks, Pajamas, Bags.


1)    ELECTRONICS: From DVDs, to vcrs, radios, TVs, digitals,

Wireless security, Burglar alarm system, Smart card, mobile

Printers, D,V,R,S, Virus,Hackig, “Telephone” Internet- Based

Videophone. Digital, Satellite, Receiver. Digital Video &Audio

Process. Cordless Calling System. Barcode Printer. CCD

Scanner. Maxphone ,and everything on the new technology.


2)    Electrical Supplies.


3)    Heaters, Air conditioners, Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers,

     Dryers, Micro ovens.


4)    Cables.


5)    Small Home Appliances.


6)    Personal Computers, Lap tops, Parts.


7)    Telephone Accessories.


8)    Furniture ( for homes, and offices, Computers.)


10) Carpets, Buchara, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey.


11) Heavy and Light, Industrial Equipment.


12)      Water Equipment.


13)      Antennas, LNBs, Dish.


14)      Crystals.



15)      Fur coats, jackets, coats, Dry and row skins.


16)      Leather (Skins raw, and Air dry & Salamura.)

And ready Garments, such as, Jackets, Coats, Vests,

Pants, Belts, Bags, Purses, in Mens and Ladies.


17)      Shoes.


18)      Shirts.


19)      Jewellery.


20)      Aluminum.


21)      Marble.


22)      Paper Product.


23)      Blankets, Acrylic, Wool, for Homes, Hotels, Boats.


24)      Silver.


25)      Antiques.


26)      Flakes.


27)      Blackout.


28)      Chemical Product, Pharmacetical, Pesticide, Fertilizers, Seeds. 


29)      Cosmetics.


30)      Drapes.


31)      Glasses.


32)      Aromatics, Herbs, Oil.          



33)      FOOD INDUSTRY such as:


34)      Chestnuts , Hazelnuts, Chasieus, peanuts, chickpeas,

Apricots and everything in Dry Goods.




35)      Sunflower, oil, Flower, Corn.


36)      Candies, Halva, Sesame seeds.


37)      Mono glasse.


38)      Olives ,Oil, Olive Oil.


39)      Escargots.




41)      Fruits.


42)      SPIRITS, Such as VODKA, GIN, COGNAC, etc, etc.